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If you need to cancel tickets duw to COV19 follow the intructions below: 

To request cancellation and refund of TRENITALIA tickets with PNR (trains with seat reservation), the following Link must be filled in: 
To request cancellation and refund of TRENITALIA tickets with Codice Biglietto (Regional trains, without seat reservation), you must fill out the form attached in the PDF format (only pages 3 and 4) and send it by e-mail to the corresponding region of the train departure (the address appears in a list on page 5)
If your train is THELLO, the following Link must be filled in: 
If on the Regional ticket, puts TRENORD, you have to fill in this Link
and mail it to "Trenord - Ufficio Rimborsi - c / o Stazione Cadorna Pal. Movimento P.le Cadorna 20123 Milano"
- Original ticket
- Copy of identity document
The claims website is having many entries so at some times it is collapsed, we advise you to try at different times, in order to perform the paperwork.
Applications must be submitted 1st/March/2020


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